Sometimes guilt, pride and shame “will” keep you from reaching out and letting others help. We know what you’re going through and want offer you new perspectives, Godly encouragement and the opportunity to share what’s on your heart.

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Lynn: Marriage Help for Wives

God’s perfect design for marriage doesn’t always feel perfect, does it? Sometimes we find ourselves arranging our beliefs around what we’re feeling. Perhaps it would be good to talk with someone about your feelings and decide what is true, as well as get a Biblical perspective on your challenges. Or, if you are in a marriage that has experienced crisis, infidelity or on-going stress, set up an appointment. I know how important it is for you to talk to someone who cares right away.

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I’m Lynn, and have been blessed to be married for 25 years to the same man. Blessing is not all that it takes to be happily married. It takes being submitted to God to be a better You, against your own will at times. I imagine that you want a better marriage even though you accept that perfection is not what you can expect to have in this world, although God’s original design plan included perfection.

Perhaps you are the married partner who wants out. You want to understand what the Bible would say about your situation. Maybe you are committed to the marriage, but resentful. Did you know that it is possible to live legally together in marriage without fulfilling God’s command to become one? These are things we can talk about… How to be what God wants You to be for You and your spouse and how, if possible, you can help move your marriage to oneness. We can talk about anything in your marriage you want to talk about with a Christian confidant. It would be my blessing to talk to you for as many sessions as you like. Know that other than wife and mother, I am also a licensed Clinical Christian Counselor who has worked with struggling marriages.

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Julia: Marriage to an Unbeliever:

I would love to have the chance talk to you about this. My own experience of 30 years has brought many types of trials, especially since there were children involved. There is a different type of understanding that is required to make marriage work with an unbeliever, to be God-honoring and to make the most of what you have. Each marriage is unique and challenging. Your marriage and mine are especially challenging because we do not share the same perspective on many things as our non-believing spouse. You may need someone who understands what it is you face on a daily basis. Let’s talk…

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Bill: Marriage Help for Men

I heard it said that wisdom is the bridge between being and doing. Wisdom takes who we are and who God is, and applies that knowledge to a real-life situation. Wisdom takes God’s truth and puts it to work in our marriages. No matter how many years you have been married, you may find yourself in a challenge that has never come up until lately. It could be that you may be frustrated with what never seems to change between you and your spouse. Have you become so different in some ways that you are losing the attraction you first had?

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Are there mounting pressures that have distracted you from loving your spouse? Has the marriage trust been broken? Maybe you don’t know what is wrong, you just know you need help. Wisdom from someone who cares and who can hear about your life objectively might help.

Twenty-five blessed years of marriage to the same woman has been full of challenges and opportunities to see God work. I’ve been a Christian since 16 years old and have learned to be willing to let Christ do what he wants to do in my life. It’s not always easy. I’m a part-time licensed Pastoral Counselor and full-time general contractor. My wife and I have lead marriage workshops and counseled couples.

One of the great Bible promises for wisdom links it with trouble and trials (See James 1:2-7). See this need as an opportunity to get wisdom and seek God. I will be honored to take your call.

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God cleanses as “a refiner and purifier of silver.” God burns off our impurities in the fire of affliction. God sees what we don’t want to see: self-will, pride, stubbornness, an unteachable spirit, jealousy, immaturity, anger, impatience, selfishness, an unforgiving spirit.

We know, because He cleansed our impurities.


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